ATHA looks to boost tiny houses in local government areas

A guide to support approvals of tiny houses in local government areas has been published by the Australian Tiny House Association.

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  1. After losing my job and marriage within a two day period, I was left basically homeless but for a small block of land in the Southern Tablelands with a 8×2.8m shed on skids that I had bought years earlier. My intention is to complete my tiny house to live in on a permanent basis. The council has told me that this kind of development is unlikely to be approved, so I have done this without consent, fearing that my home will be deemed illegal and loosing my only possible chance at living in my own home. The block is rural and about six kilometres from the nearest township, my nearest neighbour is hundreds of meters away. I have serious health issues, have tried suicide twice and am scarred from self harm. If I was forced out I don’t know how I would cope. Anyone else in this kind of situation?

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