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Guiding Principles for Members

ATHA members are representing the Association when using the name or logo and therefore should ensure they are familiar with the purpose of the Association and their activities should support one or more of the purposes of the Association.

  1. Use of the ATHA logo and referencing will only be used on agreement by the committee. Please send us a quick email to if you are wanting to use the logo anywhere else other than your own business website page.
  2. ATHA members should at all times adhere to professional conduct when dealing with clients, other members and the public.
  3. ATHA members should follow safe building and business practices.
  4. Members are expected to proactively raise where their own business or personal interests raise a conflict of interests with the activities of ATHA.
  5. Opportunities for activities, sponsorships and marketing supported or entered into by the association will be open to all commercial and not-for-profit members

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options are accepted?

You can use either a credit card or your PayPal account to pay for your recurring ATHA membership.

Where do my membership fees go?

Your membership fees assist ATHA cover administration costs of the Association and the process of legitimising Tiny Houses.

How is my membership renewed?

Your membership will be automatically renewed annually. If you wish to manually renew then please UNTICK the automatic renewal when you sign up.

More questions?

Contact us for any further enquiries.