New Vehicle Standards Bulletin V6 coming into affect 1st July for trailers and THOWs

Image of Road Vehicles Standards PDF

Get informed on the requirements of the Vehicle Standards Bulletin V6 coming into affect 1st July for trailer manufacturing and tiny house builders.

This VSB1 revision is essential to be familiar with as it deals with, but is not limited to: overall length, width, tare and gross weight and location of axles from the drawbar and along the length of the trailer, the downward force calculation on the draw bar and how to calculate the overall height.


Unfortunately, there are some poorly designed tiny house trailers that would not meet VSB1 V5 let alone V6, which has impacts for the safe transport of the vehicle and therefore the tiny house. You will also need to consider the load distribution of the tiny house layout and furnishings etc for safe transport. If you are not familiar with this then please do your own research to achieve a design that includes considerations for safe transport.


NB: ATHA cannot advise you on tiny house design.


If you are a tiny house builder you should be working closely with your design team and the trailer manufacturer to ensure the trailer is manufactured to VSB1 V6 and to meet the specific build requirements.


Together we are stronger.

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