Press Release: Moreton Bay Regional Council Announces New Temporary Homes Local Law

Moreton Bay Regional Council Announces New Temporary Homes Local Law
ATHA made a submission to Moreton Bay Regional Council (Queensland) on their proposed Temporary Homes Local Law in May 2023. On November 8 Council made 13 new local laws, including one exclusively for temporary homes. These new local laws will take effect within 30 days of the day the laws were made and when the notice of making the laws is published in the Queensland Government Gazette. A notice will also be published on the Council’s website.
We haven’t seen the final wording of the Temporary Homes Local Law but a couple of points of note from the latest consultation response are;
“Council will consider amending the Local Laws to allow temporary homes on wheels (e.g. caravans) on other peoples’ properties for four weeks in any 52-week period, without requiring an approval.” 4 weeks in a year is not going to work for most THOW occupants. ATHA argued for a longer timeframe in our submission and maybe that influenced the following statement?
“Council will also consider allowing people to apply to occupy temporary homes on wheels for periods longer than four weeks in compassionate circumstances.” We are keen to see the details on this when the local law comes into effect. This is not a concept we’d seen in earlier discussions.
The full MBRC report can be accessed here:
ATHA’s submission can be accessed here:
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