Update on Sunshine Coast Tiny residents’ eviction notice

The Sunshine Coast News has provided an update to the tenants living on rural land in the Sunshine Coast who were given eviction notices and an August 31 deadline.

A Sunshine Coast City Council spokesperson said:

“There is a complex interaction between local laws and planning legislation which means council cannot regulate tiny houses as temporary dwellings if they are otherwise more appropriately determined to be a form of residential development that is either restricted in rural areas by the planning regulation or ordinarily requires a planning approval under the planning scheme.

“The state government recently announced it is looking into issues associated with the regulation of so-called temporary dwellings. Council will monitor the outcome of this review and will consider whether it modifies the current regulatory framework.”

They also noted that there will be a 40 day long public comment period on their new planning scheme next year.

The entire article goes into further detail about the situation which you can read here.

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