Tiny Home Expos

The dates for the Tiny Homes Expos for 2024 are up! The first few for the year are:

Mornington Peninsula, VIC
22-24 March, 2024

Fraser Coast – Maryborough, QLD
19-21 April, 2024

Hawkesbury, NSW
24-26 May, 2024

Petition for tiny home recognition

Tiny homes are energy efficient, often very sustainable, affordable and a critical piece of the puzzle to help ease the nationwide housing crisis. Although tiny houses on foundations can often be permitted as a secondary dwelling, tiny houses on wheels are often not recognised and therefore not able to be lived in full time. We are advocating for policy change.

Please spare a few seconds to sign the petition to recognise all kinds of tiny houses as a valid housing option.

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What’s happening with Tiny Houses across Australia

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Love Tiny Houses?

Here are some actions you can do to help them be more accepted across Australia

Sign the petition

Support Tiny Houses as an affordable, sustainable and legal housing option across Australia. ATHA are petitioning all levels of government – local, state and federal – to create simple approval processes for people to be able to live tiny permanently, no matter what their circumstances.

Become a member of ATHA

When you become a member of ATHA you get access to a range of valuable benefits including members only resources, offers and access to our member directory. By joining us you are helping in the campaign to legitimise living permanently in a THOW or THOS!

Add to the Tiny House database

 ATHA has partnered with Fred’sTiny Houses to encourage members to be active participants in local law research and contribute to the Tiny House on Wheels regulatory database.

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Become a Tiny House Champion

Find out more about our current advocacy work for tiny houses on wheels and skids, see our Tiny House Champions and learn how you can be involved.

VSB V6 - affecting for trailer manufacturing and tiny house builders.

Get informed on the requirements of the Vehicle Standards Bulletin V6for trailer manufacturing and tiny house builders. This is effective from 1st July 2023.

In this revision to the Vehicle Standards Bulletin it deals with trailer safety aspects including dimensions, weights and weight distribution. Get familiar with the updates today to ensure your design that includes considerations for safe transport.

2022-2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Report

ATHA has become one of the ‘go-to’ places for enthusiasts of tiny house on wheels and skids. Our Association has placed itself in the sector as a source of reliable information and advocacy, making many submissions to planning law reforms over 2022-2023. In the past year our membership has also grown to 330 members.