Tiny House Definition

The Australian Tiny House Association (ATHA) defines that a Tiny House is a moveable dwelling suitable for permanent residential use, with self contained amenities and services and the option to be grid connected.

A Tiny House can be:

  • A Moveable Tiny House is a transportable structure with the ability to be moved.
  • A Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) is constructed on a trailer designed to road legal dimensions, which can be moved.

Endorsed by ATHA Committee and State Leads 14/2/2021


In partnership with Tiny House2Go, Tiny Footprint and Tiny Non-profit, 2018 saw the launch of the ATHA, to support and connect Australian Tiny House enthusiasts.

Our Team

Executive Committee

Janine Strachan
Annemaree Cotterell
Vice President
Tanya Clifton
Ric Butler – if interested in this role please contact ATHA
Acting Treasurer


Ric Butler
Aimee Rapone
Lynda Mackillican
Social Media
(Vacant – Apply Now)
Building Advisor

All ATHA positions are filled by volunteers.

You can contact us via our Facebook page or our website contact form.

Purpose of ATHA

  • to gather and provide information regarding the building of and dwelling in tiny houses in Australia
  • to promote a healthy social and community environment conducive to tiny house building and dwelling
  • to educate and collaborate with members promoting tiny house quality and safety
  • to network with related government agencies, educational institutions, development organisations, and private industry to address these stated purposes
  • to advocate for and work towards the legitimisation of tiny houses across all levels of government, and
  • to fund raise to support the above activities.

ASIC Registration

The Australian Tiny House Association Inc is an Australian Registered Body # 648 534 203 with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Rules of Incorporation

The Rules of Incorporation (using the model rules from Consumer Affairs Victoria) can be found here.

If you’re interested, consider joining the association.