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Submissions (Available to ATHA members only)

  • ATHA City of Ipswich Planning System Review Submission – July 2023 (Members only)
  • ATHA Moreton Bay Regional Council Proposed Temporary Homes Local Law Submission – May 2023 (Members only)
  • ATHA ACT Planning Scheme Review Submission 2023 – Feb 2023 (Members only)
  • ATHA Federal Housing and Homelessness Submission – Feb 2022 (Members only)
  • Federal Inquiry into Housing Affordability – Sep 2021 (Members only)
  • Local Law Amendment – Surf Coast Shire – Aug 2021 (Members only)
  • Social Housing in the Surf Coast Shire – Jun 2021 (Members only)
  • Victorian Housing Strategy – Apr 2021 (Members only)

ATHA Governance

  • AGM Report 2022 (Members only)
  • AGM Report 2021 (Members only)
  • AGM Report 2020 (Members only)
  • ATHA Meeting Minutes 19 January 2021 (Members only)
  • ATHA Strategy 2021 (Members only)
  • ATHA Code of Conduct

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  • ATHA Media Kit (Members only)
    The media kit is for use by the Australian Tiny House Association (ATHA) Committee, State Leads, Members, journalists and writers who are reporting on, or responding to questions on moveable Tiny Houses on Trailers or Skids (THOW/S).

Guides and Templates


  • Global Online Conference March 2021 (Members only)
    Presentation delivered to the Global Online Tiny House Conference

Interest Articles

  • How Tiny Houses would assist in disaster relief (Members only)
  • Tiny Home Misconceptions – Explaining some of the misconceptions of tiny houses

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