The Shire of Esperance develops Local Planning Policy for Tiny Houses

A header image for the Local Planning Policy for the Shire of Esperance - showing a photo of a timber and corrugated iron tiny house in a bush setting.

The Shire of Esperance in Western Australia has paved the way for more housing choices for its community by developing a Local Planning Policy for Tiny Houses. The council collaborated with ATHA to develop the policy, the first of its kind in Australia.

Seen as an affordable and sustainable way to live, the popularity of tiny houses is on the rise. In a way to support the development of these dwellings, Shire of Esperance Councillors have adopted the Local Planning Policy – Tiny Houses.

The Shire’s Tiny House Policy:

  • Identifies the circumstances where a tiny house or tiny house community may be permitted
  • Provides a simple framework which tiny houses can be assessed against
  • Outlines standard requirements for all tiny houses to comply with related regulations
  • Clarifies that the standard of building required should refer to Vehicle Standards Bulletin 1 in the absence of a classification for tiny houses in the National Construction Code, and
  • Is applied to all Zones (Town and Rural) under the Local Planning Scheme No. 24.


To see a summary of the Policy visit the Shire of Esperance website.

For further information  see our Tiny House Planning Resource.


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