Championing Moveable Tiny Houses on Wheels and Skids as an Affordable Housing Solution

Australian housing affordability is in crisis, affecting all parts of Australia, in regional, rural and city locations. Tiny House Champions seek the recognition and acceptance of Tiny Houses on Wheels and Skids as a realistic and affordable form of permanent housing in Australia and as a new housing typology in local laws, planning schemes and building legislation across Australia.

The Problem

Moveable tiny houses are not a transportable home currently covered under regulations and they are not a recreational vehicle like a caravan, yet they may be connected to a trailer (or skid base). If they are not connected to the ground then they are not a typical house for the purposes of existing state and territory lawsMoveable tiny houses are not defined or recognised in any State Planning Legislation; the National Construction Code; or national vehicle regulations. 


The position paper will form part of the advocacy work with Federal and State Ministers and Opposition Spokespersons, Local Government Associations and Australian Local Governments.

Three key reforms are needed to deliver a genuine policy response for moveable tiny houses in Australia.


To implement nationally consistent state and local planning provisions and local laws that define moveable tiny houses and permit their placement on any land where conventional dwelling houses are currently permissible.


To establish recognition in building legislation of moveable tiny houses as ‘dwellings’ suitable for permanent occupation.


To promote technical design and construction methods that reflect the unique attributes of moveable tiny houses.

Become a Tiny House Champion

ATHA appreciates the support of Tiny House Champions in this campaign and invites you to read the position paper and consider becoming a Tiny House Champion.

To become a Tiny House Champion please send the details below to:

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Who are the Tiny House Champions?

Tiny House Champions are people from all walks of life and professions who feel that everyone has the right to have an adequate standard of living, and particularly in housing choices.  

Tiny House Champions support the call to action to modernize Australia’s planning and building system to recognise this housing typology and provide clear direction for its placement, design and construction.  

Academics and Professionals

Dr Heather Shearer
Research Fellow
Cities Research Institute, Griffith University

Associate Professor Anitra Nelson
Honorary Principal Fellow
Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, Melbourne School of Design
The University of Melbourne

Professor Anne Steinemann
Professor of Engineering, Chair of Sustainable Infrastructure
College of Science and Engineering, James Cook University

Dr Marcus Phipps
Senior Lecturer, Department of Management and Marketing
Faculty of Business & Economics, The University of Melbourne


To become a Tiny House Champion, read the position paper and follow the instructions in the green box above.

Country Women's Association NSW
Organic and Regenerative Investment Cooperative
ESC Consulting