Tiny House Definition

Tiny houses are moveable dwellings up to 50m2 that are suitable for residential use. Tiny houses can be largely grouped into 3 categories: on wheels, on skids or shipping containers.

Rational for defining a definition 

Tiny house definition that  

  • is easy to visualize  
  • describes in a consistent manner to individuals, groups and media 
  • grounds conversation relating to definition to then get to the heart of topics and collaboration without stalling on defining the definition  
  • responds to the challenges ATHA have experienced to date as a key opening question.  “Define a tiny house? “ 

What are others defining as tiny house?  

  • US definition is loosely advocating a size only being under 400 square feet ie 37m2  
  • NZ definition none available however ‘Bryce’ has indicated that the largest galvanizing plant in NZ is for an 8m trailer hence a 19.2m2 footprint.  
  • A 12m shipping container is 28.8m2, which then allows a coupling with a smaller 6m container.  
  • 50m2 also include loft space 

Other related notes to defining the definition 

  • Issues arising from local and state understandings of tiny houses and how they are regulated from a local laws, planning regs, transport regs and  building regs are the issues that ATHA need to champion and advocate drive change and acceptance for tiny houses at numerous levels. 
  • ATHA have not included Granny flats/dependent person unitstransportablemodular or prefab homes as these are required to meet the Building Code of Australia Vol 2 for housing. Generally, if it needs a planning permit it needs to comply with the BCA.