Local Laws

Tiny Houses on Wheels are considered as Caravans by local governments due to their mobile nature and are commonly faced with local law restrictions on the period of time a person can ‘live’ in a caravan. The development of local laws governing ‘camping’ or living in a ‘caravan’ is different. As examples local laws may: stipulate the requirement to obtain a permit for occupation for a limited period, where the applicant may be able to apply for an extension; allow living in a caravan where there is no commercial or financial interest; restrict occupation to only 30 or 60 days.

In addition, if there is a neighbour ‘complaint’ the occupant of the tiny house may be asked to either remedy the situation or remove the tiny house within a short timeframe. This lack of security for permanent dwelling is proving a significant barrier to the uptake of the tiny house living.

Campaign for change!

Where your current regulations are more restrictive, please consider helping to campaign for change to Tiny House regulations at your local council. Local government laws are reviewed periodically, so contact your local council to understand when they plan to review.