Tiny Home Insurance

Insurance for Tiny Houses on Wheels and Skids can be one of the most difficult elements when looking to live tiny.

At the moment there aren’t a heap of options. As of November 2023, the main insurer for tiny houses Benjamin & Benjamin have been advised by their insurer that they cannot offer new tiny house insurance policies anymore. They are working towards a solution but on the mean time have suggested contacting the following providers:

  • Alliance
  • NRMA
  • RAC WA
  • MHIA
  • Elders.

In addition some people have had success with CIL and Youi.

Be very careful and do due diligence when researching insurance options. Look over what is actually insured under a policy as some companies do not cover essential elements.

The Australian Tiny House Association is working on the insurance situation as a high priority and hoping to secure insurance options for tiny house owners soon. We will update this page and email all ATHA members as the situation evolves.