Campaign for Change

ATHA is working hard to create positive changes across Australia’s local council laws for Tiny Houses on Wheels, but we can’t do it alone and need your help. We understand that the process for changing local council laws can be quite confusing and hard to know where to begin. This page provides guidelines on how to campaign for changes within your local council and instructions.

Local council laws for ‘Camping’ and ‘Occupation of Caravans’ are reviewed regularly and your voice helps to demonstrate the need for THOW and urge Government to take notice and consider proposed changes.

How to campaign for change within your local council:

  1. Contact your local council to understand when they plan to review local Tiny House laws
  2. Review the current laws that are in place for Tiny Houses within your local council
  3. Review ATHA’s position paper – Tiny House local law (applicable Australia-wide)
  4. Identify changes you’d like to make not already mentioned in “ATHA’s Proposed Changes”
  5. Click on the button below “Download ATHA’s Letter Template”.
  6. Take this to your local council and ask for their feedback
  7. Identify ways to make a submission for change